Home Hair Care

This is a service option for sittings that take at most an hour. Great for moms that just need a quick style or simply wanting to be home. 

The fee $30 travel fee and a $10 gas charge within a 5 mile radius. Areas outside will be required to pay additional travel fee before the service begins. These fees are not included in the price of the service. i.e. if your service is $65, it is $65 + $40 bringing the total due before service is $105. 

All payments are due up front as this is a pre-paid service and no cash is accepted. 

  ***Covid Precautions*** 

We understand that we will be a guest in your space. However to ensure the comfort of everyone involved we'd like to send a friendly reminder that

  • Upon entry, both parties both the stylist and patron will have to take a temperature read to ensure there is no fever from either party.
  • No hugging or prolonged hand contact allowed.
  • No pets or children in the area the service will be held in. 
  • People that are not involved or contributing to service are prohibited in service area during the time of service. 

We also express that the intrusive conversation of vaccinations is against HIPPA guidelines as well as against our personal culture. We would like to continue to honor your privacy as well as our own. Disregard to this rule( i.e. asking if the stylist has taken a vaccine) is strictly prohibited and can result in immediate termination of appointment as well as no refund to be guaranteed. 

Days that are available for this service option are Monday, Tuesday & Friday. 

Styles that qualify are as listed

  • Hair Cuts & Trims & Layering
  • Thinning out thick hair
  • Hair rinse application
  • Flat Iron Service
  • Blow Out Service
  • 6-8 Stitch Braids
  • 2 Braids 
  • Kids Hair
  • Detangle Session